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I connect to the spiritual side and do portraits of peoples "spirit guides and angels". It is all about love and light and to lift people up and help everyone realize that the world is a really better place than the TV news tells us.

I have felt for a long time that I could do "Soul Portraits". I kept feeling that I could connect people with loved ones on the other side. It is a "Proof of Survival" as I believe they are still with us and this proof would help in their healing. John Edward is my hero and he helps so many connect. I ask for some proof, as I do the portrait, that makes sense and means something to the receiver, that is you. I do this to help people understand that spirit is energy and survives this incarnation.
Please understand that these symbols are yours, not mine, so I might not always interpret them correctly. To begin with I do a short prayer and meditation and then I start the portrait. As I work, things come to me. They might be in the form of words, pictures or colours.

I am feeling very encouraged about this and my goal is to help people get over their grief and perhaps even make their hearts a little lighter.
As for the portrait itself, it gives you a visual to connect with. Age can vary, as there is no time on the other side. If I have pulled in even a slight bit of resemblance then I am pleased, but I have no control over what appears on the paper as I am intuitively guided. I put out my intent and let spirit guide me.

Dale Kelloway

Where are you my dearest one
I want to hold you near
And see you smile so happily
Your laugh I need to hear

With the artist's knowing ways
Your soul has let me see
And I can look upon your face
And you are here with me

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